Appropriate Conduct

Don’t be a jerk! It’s funny to say so, but it’s true!

For the record, overwhelmingly the people coming to our events are courteous and among the nicest you will ever meet, but sometimes someone may need to be spoken to, and rarely someone will be banned from our events.

“Sketchy” behaviour is something that we take very seriously. If someone is being a problem in some way, please tell the organizers, one of the teachers who taught the lessons that night or the person at the door, and we will address it, or you could tell the person directly. This could be someone who insists on giving you lessons on the dance floor or who keeps “correcting” your dancing for reasons other than safety, or someone who keeps trying to dance closer to you than you are comfortable with (for example, front to front contact and dancing cheek to cheek are not part of swing, blues and waltz dancing unless there is clear and continuing mutual consent and agreement on that), or someone who is rude to you, or someone who does not take “no” for an answer when you decline an invitation to dance with them (the etiquette is that you are 100% free to decline an invite to dance without giving a reason, and without being responded to in a rude or questioning way). Sometimes leaders may lead roughly or forcefully or hold their followers hand too tightly – likely the lead is not intending to create a problem, but in any case this is not o.k. and needs to be corrected, so if you are following let your leader know if this is a problem, or talk to the person at the front door or the organizers. If anyone harasses members of our community, and if anyone sexually harasses anyone, they will be banned from our events.