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At Waltz Toronto, formerly known as Mostly Waltz Toronto, we take pride in offering a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, from the most inexperienced novice to long time social dance enthusiasts. Our events are among the most established and terrifically fun dances in the city of Toronto, and many would agree that they’re among Toronto’s best kept secrets.

We also like and teach Polka, Ragtime Dancing, Blues Dance, Peabody, Schottische, and other partner dances.

Prior to the pandemic, Mostly Waltz dances and beginner classes were held at Dovercourt House.

Unfortunately, Dovercourt House has not survived the pandemic as a venue for dance parties. For more on our former home, Dovercourt House, click here.

About Simon
Waltz, Polka, 1920's Dances, Ragtime Dances, 19th Century Dances, Lindy Hop

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Simon teaches and loves traditional Viennese Waltz, Cross-Step Waltz, Polka, 1920s dances, Ragtime dances, 19th century dances and Lindy Hop. He also teaches and loves lifts, drops, dips, floorials and Air Steps, and thinks this is some of the best and most fun stuff in dance.

Simon has been teaching dance for over 20 years, has taught many dance workshops and classes, has presented many Waltz dances and various Waltz and Vintage Dance workshop weekends, and has attended various Waltz and Vintage Dance workshop weekends and weeks in the USA. His favourite teacher for Waltz is Richard Powers, the renowned Stanford University historian and teacher of social dance.

Simon is the coordinator of Waltz Toronto and of Swing Toronto.


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